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  1. I also have some issues with the bluetooth buttons. The volume up/down buttons work fine, the main BT button also pauses/resumes playback correctly. The main issue is that, with the music paused, when I "long press" the volume up button to activate the Google Assistant, both the google assistant activates AND Poweramp resumes playback, and immediately shuts off the assistant voice recognition. Basically, I'm unable to use the google assistant with my bluetooth headset connected (for me, one of the main times that it is actually useful). I have tried to play with the bluetooth settings in Poweramp (long press, triple press, etc.) without any change in behavior. Old Poweramp versions used to work fine (before Android 8.1.0). Also, I don't have this problem with other music players. Thank you for your help! Dom Debug info: Phone: Moto G4 Play (harpia) Android Version: 8.1.0 (AospExtended-v5.6-OFFICIAL) Bluetooth headset: Aukey EP-B16 Poweramp version: 709 >adb shell dumpsys media_session * daemon not running. starting it now at tcp:5037 * * daemon started successfully * MEDIA SESSION SERVICE (dumpsys media_session) 3 sessions listeners. Global priority session is com.android.server.telecom/HeadsetMediaButton (userId=0) HeadsetMediaButton com.android.server.telecom/HeadsetMediaButton (userId=0) ownerPid=1388, ownerUid=1000, userId=0 package=com.android.server.telecom launchIntent=null mediaButtonReceiver=null active=false flags=65537 rating type=0 controllers: 0 state=null audioAttrs=AudioAttributes: usage=USAGE_VOICE_COMMUNICATION content=CONTENT_TYPE_SPEECH flags=0x0 tags= bundle=null volumeType=1, controlType=2, max=0, current=0 metadata:size=0, description=null queueTitle=null, size=0 User Records: Record for full_user=0 Volume key long-press listener: null Volume key long-press listener package: Media key listener: null Media key listener package: Callback: android.media.session.ICallback$Stub$Proxy@40ce07 Last MediaButtonReceiver: PendingIntent{306529: PendingIntentRecord{a23c0ae com.maxmpz.audioplayer broadcastIntent}} Restored MediaButtonReceiver: null Media button session is com.maxmpz.audioplayer/Poweramp (userId=0) Sessions Stack - have 1 sessions: Poweramp com.maxmpz.audioplayer/Poweramp (userId=0) ownerPid=3552, ownerUid=10113, userId=0 package=com.maxmpz.audioplayer launchIntent=null mediaButtonReceiver=PendingIntent{306529: PendingIntentRecord{a23c0ae com.maxmpz.audioplayer broadcastIntent}} active=true flags=3 rating type=0 controllers: 3 state=PlaybackState {state=3, position=39957, buffered position=0, speed=1.0, updated=101567299, actions=895, custom actions=[], active item id=-1, error=null} audioAttrs=AudioAttributes: usage=USAGE_MEDIA content=CONTENT_TYPE_MUSIC flags=0x0 tags= bundle=null volumeType=1, controlType=2, max=0, current=0 metadata:size=7, description=Five to One, The Doors, The Best of The Doors (disc 1) queueTitle=null, size=0 Audio playback (lastly played comes first) uid=10036 packages=com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox uid=10113 packages=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock com.maxmpz.audioplayer bluetooth_manager_dump.txt
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