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  1. 18 hours ago, maxmp said:

    Poweramp 814 played 16 hours straight on many devices, including Xiaomis.

    Does it stops for you when it's on background/screen is off? If so, please enable (in device settings) Installed Apps / Poweramp / Battery saver / No restrictions option.

    Poweramp 814 can also stop after bad/missing track - this scenario was improved in next 815 build - PM me if you want to try it earlier.

    And what about the silence after switching to the next track?

  2. 5 hours ago, None1s said:

    I'm now realizing that this started after the recent upgrades and I applied a different visualization. Maybe I'll try a different visualization. Tough to make a report on this since there's no crash in the UI.  But the app does exit silently for me

    I do not use visualization at all

  3. Same thing for me after the last 2 updates track autoswitch stopped to work. Sometimes it works and in most cases does not. Very annoying, btw, each time I have to switch to the next track manually. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, Android 8.1. Did not work even after completely re-installing! 

  4. Got a new phone, Redmi 5 Plus, and on this phone sound volume in Hi-Res output is quite low, lower than was on my Redmi 4x. Aso there's a problem with album covers - they are not shown on a lot of tracks. I turn the Internet on and they are downloaded but after I turn the Internet off - they are not shown again.

  5. Hi! Starting from the previous year I'm using Alpha version, Phone model is Xiaomi Redmi 4x. Everything is OK, Hi-res output really provides better and louder sound? but there is a bug - when I pull out a jack from the audio port and then insert it again, music starts to play via dynamics and the only way to return Hi-res output is to reboot the phone. Such thing happens not every time but very often. Quite annoying.

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