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  1. Ahhhh ok! That was the problem I was under artist instead of albums. Thank you so much man this is a big help. Keeps me off the phone while driving this way
  2. Tried all settings doesn't work for me. But my point was if you were driving it'd be nice to play a whole album and then have the option to have a random album play next. Mine just plays the next album in alphabetical order
  3. Tried this it only goes to the next album.
  4. That's my point when driving you can't stop to choose a random album hence it would be helpful to auto choose a random one for you. Or are you saying "shuffle list" does just this?
  5. So you have repeat options but it'd be nice if under repeat you could shuffle. This would allow you to set your shuffle to "songs" play a list of songs then have your repeat set to "shuffle" and after the album of songs is played it could shuffle to a different album. Allowing you to play a full album and have the next album be a random one instead of the regular "advance list". Just a thought would be a nice touch.
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