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  1. Found a great example in musicolet, so far the best Media Browsing through Bluetooth and Android Auto I've seen, that would be awesome to have it for car stereos like the ones from Honda, Mazda and Toyota that support it. I know a lot of people don't think on this but it's really awesome to have.
  2. AVRCP Media Browsing would be great for v3, other players in the play store already have this support for cars and it's really useful as you can pick songs directly from the car stereo system without touching the phone. A good example is playerpro that has full Media Browsing support.
  3. Hi all, I'm really happy with Poweramp on ics, just would be nice to have an optional button for those of us that have projectm intalled. This way it will give the feeling that Poweramp has a music visualizer, just like a thrird party plugin. Even more projectm already has Poweramp media controls.
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