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  1. I just love this skin it just what I have asked for...
  2. @maxmpThe audio in my device with this update is just mind blowing.Thanks mahn this one is worth to be released!
  3. There is one problem which hasn't been rectified. When we go into the equaliser settings the currently playing song details are shown different ie;another song's name is shown and when I click it the new song gets played!
  4. What about the sample skins I really liked the previews can we get it somehow
  5. does anybody know how to get the new skins that are previewed by max in the skins post?
  6. Can someone tell me the best possible setting for stereox and reverb?please guys I can't find it really comfortable at times while using them.
  7. Does any 1 know how can we add lyrics for the songs??
  8. Can we somehow get the skins now because in the previewed skins I like the one with the titles being shown below the album art please...
  9. I'm also facing this issue and today itself two times this happened!
  10. Awesome update thanks max! But can someone tell me how to get 5hose 3rd party skins
  11. That would really help like have a fade effect on the track info cuz it's just annoying when it tries to censor album art??if u know what I mean!
  12. Can we hide the notification bar somehow??it was possible in v2
  13. At last it came!! I was shocked to see playstore notification of 1 app updated:Poweramp!! That was soooooo frickin happy to see...
  14. Please help dude I know u are doing the best possible work but plz take your time and do it by July
  15. I am currently using build 790 and have to say maxmp did a great work and now Poweramp looks and feels like the newest app ever!! But the missing features and recent closing of the app is actually a little annoying .. I was just asking as in the first post on this build mentioned complete features by May of 2018 but I didn't receive any update info...want to know if the beta testers get new updates via play store or we need to visit forums Everytime...
  16. This would be Soo good a great feature! But I just use play on headset plug in cuz I always use my headset... But this would be an awesome addition
  17. This is not a serious thing but the border on the album art where the filename appears is a little annoying cuz it covers most of the album art and also this thing is there in the list. A fade after few seconds option would be great and in the list it's okay!! Appreciate help!
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