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  1. Hey Hi. No I don't think there is a switch, but I love the change of colors around the cover! So to be honest I wound not recommend to take that off. But yes, it could be a switch to turn it on or off, I would always leave it on. Regards,
  2. Guys, it can be done: Go to the list you are in, press menu on your phone and then select queue or add to a playlist without having any song selected. The app will tell you to select now one or multiple songs and after you've done that yoy tap "queue" or "add playlist" and that's it. Hope it helps. Good bile!
  3. Hi there: I have the free version but thinking about buying the full version once I tested everything. I am a Winamp fun, so the fact that I am moving to Poweramp on my Android (Motorola Defy) is not simple decision to make. But the app is amazing, so congrats for that. I would like though, to see the crossfading options get better. The fade out and fade in of tracks A and B is not real crossfade. The ms that you can specify are working for the fade in and out but not for real crossfade. Some call it Radio Crossfade when a song fade out and the next one starts at normal volume. That would be n
  4. I have to say that I really like the color change in the background and even I would like it to be all around the screen. I mean for me the request would be the opposite. So, its better to have a switch to turn on or off the glow. I like it a lot and I think its one of the most important difference of the UI of the app. Regards, Leonel.
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