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  1. For me clearing data and reinstalling BOTH (Poweramp and unlocker) apps helped!
  2. OK, I take back the taking back :D. For some reason now the ducking works SOMETIMES. Since last post it stopped working, started, and the stopped again. Apparently some service starts and stops. What could it be?
  3. OK, I take that back! After disabling DVC and restarting the app, the ducking returned. Yay! Feel free to delete this thread!
  4. Currently under "Advanced Tweaks" only Smooth Equalizer/Tone Gains is enabled (was by default), and ducking doesn't work. Audio pauses and resumes upon receiving a notification.
  5. Since November 2018 update audio ducking doesn't work anymore. I've tried to ask the developer but to no avail, am I the only one facing this issue? Enabling/disabling Direct Volume Control doesn't help. All other audio players duck volume fine.
  6. But where? I have everything unchecked under "Visualization", but it still shows.
  7. Thank you. I see this feature though that album art is replaced by a visualizer when playing. Can't find the option to turn that off...
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