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  1. Redmi Note 3 (kenzo) with NOS 7.1.2 I'm having another Kenzo with NOS Oreo ROM, too. In that, PA latest Alpha 705/709 can't be Installed!!
  2. Means what should I do now? In, PA Beta 790 (New UI), Open SL HD working perfectly. But, Hi-res audio not working! It's automatically switches to Open SL, when enabling Hi-res audio output.
  3. Thanks for reply. It was showing Lenovo hi-fi because I've Installed A.R.I.S.E sound mode! Now, I have removed that. Still, it's processing Direct HD hi-fi 16 bit.
  4. Thank you very much bro. Finally found that string in Arisesound_setprop. But, it's still processing just 16bit using Direct HD Hi-Res Output.
  5. Currently using 709! But same, it's just processing 16bit PCM What should I do to enable 24 bit?
  6. Already checked! No string available there in build.prop That's what I'm thinking about.. how it detects Lenovo HI-FI !!!
  7. I've also tasted Poweramp 704 without Arise a long time ago. It was throwing error "Failed to load Hi-res audio". Now, I'm able to use 705 & 709 versions, but it loads just 16bit.
  8. Thanks for reply buddy. I haven't added lenovo hifi to build.prop, No line is there! I'm using Arise sound mod. That may be the reason!
  9. So,.how other people are using 24bit 192khz audio in PA? I also tried playing 24bit 192khz hi-res Audio file, but no change! Please give me a solution...
  10. My Hi-Res Output 24bit not working! It's playing only 16-bit 192khz. How to enable 24-bit? Poweramp alpha v705 Redmi Note 3 (kenzo) Nitrogen OS 7.1.2 Snapdragon 650 SOC
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