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  1. Found it. Some how solid explorer don't create a correct path name for pwamp. If I move files with mi explorer it does work. Going to investigate further because I do love solid. Thanks for your time
  2. There's my screen. I tried also checking the whole card. Same result. Still no U2 in the album's list.
  3. Indeed; Regular MP3 flac cue, etc. But the program can run them and add them if internal. I can also play them if click them via SD card in the explorer (solid explorer or mi explorer) and choose PwAmp to play. The SD is set as mobile. I going to try and set it as internal latter. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi. Can't manage to make Poweramp find my music files in my SD card. But I can play them in power amp if I start the music with tge explorer. Running beta on Mi a1 4g 64. No problem what so ever if I put them internal. And yes I can and I did check the folders library and selection. The card appears there but checking it does nothing. Thanks in advance.
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