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  1. Please, see my reply above, I forgot to quote you there 😣
  2. I also have issue of a similar kind, but the song doesn't skip after a few seconds. It plays fine as whole, but as you can see on a screen, Poweramp doesn't see its amplitude and I can't move the song to any time. When I try to move it forward a few seconds or anywhere, it skips immediately. File isn't broken, it works flawlessly on my computer.
  3. Great update, but there's still "Previous song" button missing in widget on lockscreen.
  4. First of all, thank you for the update. It's honestly really good and fixes a lot of issues The thing with the widget is that it worked in PA v2. After phone reboot it took a little time to load up, but it did. In v3 it never loads up unless you click on it. With the scanning, again, it worked in PA v2. It always automatically scaned for new foldera every time I copied something new in my Music folder. You didn't have to manually trigger scanning process everytime. And please, in lockscreen widget there's still "Previous song" arrow missing. I know that it can be deployed by swiping down, but it's a little annoying and again, it was there in v2.
  5. ????? Yes, he really is great. I really like to listen to him
  6. I do that. But it's annoying anyways to always have to do that. And it wasn't like this in v2. That's how I know it can be fixed.
  7. 3rd bug: No "Previous track" button on lock screen widget
  8. 2nd bug: After clicking on a widget on my homescreen, it only shows me 1 song in album folder. I have to go one step back in hierarchy to album selection screen and open that album folder again, so it shows me the rest of the songs in the folder. I'll attach screenshots. This is what happens after clicking on widget. It only shows one song. It's only the song I listened to last. Like this. But there should be 14 songs in this folder. So I have to go to a different folder (only one folder back is enough with back button) and go back here to this folder again for Poweramp to show me the rest. This is what happens every single time I click on a widget and open Poweramp.
  9. Great update, finally EQ is working and saving presets. But I found a few bugs with widget: 1. I use widget on my home screen and if I don't use Poweramp for a while, plug in earphones and just click "Play", it doesn't react. It does nothing. Every button is unresponsive. I have to click on the widget somewhere so it opens Poweramp and start playing music from there. After music starts playing, widget starts working. 2. I'll post another reply of a second bug under this one, because it only allows me to upload 501kbs worth of attachments and I want to attach screenshots
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