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  1. Thanks a lot!, I just downloaded it, and of course, already placed my 5 Stars rating since long ago when I bought the skin. 🥰
  2. Thanks!, I did exactly like that, but for some reason the skin settings are not kept/imported, it is almost at a default state... perhaps is it matter of resolution, as you suggested?, the old phone had a 1440x3120 resolution, while the new one has a 1440x2560 resolution, gonna look into it.
  3. Hi!, is there a way to save my LivDark settings in order to export and import them?, I just bought a new phone and would like to configure LivDark just as I had it configured on my old phone. Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. Unfortunately I don't use Twitter. 😒 But fortunately I bought your Liv Dark skin a while ago from the Google Play Store, thanks a lot for the updates! 👽 That's one of the things you must configure from inside Power Amp's options itself, not the skin.
  5. Thanks a lot for the update!, I've already rated 5 stars on the Google Play Store, I think I did it the same day I bought the skin. 👽
  6. Will it keep my license if I manually install it over the 874 version I currently have? Thanks! EDIT: I manually updated to 893 and it worked, the custom volume knob is back. Thanks! Thank you very much! EDIT: I manually updated to 893 and it worked, the custom volume knob is back. Thanks!
  7. Thanks a lot for this update! I have one small issue: I had the option to show the alternate Poweramp volume knob when raising or lowering the volume, but after this update, the knob has gone and now I see an horizontal bar showing the volume percentage with small numbers at the center; I already dug into the options but can't find the option to bring back the big volume knob.
  8. I just found about this wonderful skin a few minutes ago, and already bought it and installed on my phone. Thanks a lot!
  9. I'm into that!, along with the option to set the start and end frequencies. 😎
  10. "OP" means "Original Post", besides, don't forget to be logged in into the forum, otherwise you won't be able to download the APK. Meanwhile I've been using Neutron Player, hoping that some day Poweramp gets fixed with a stable release available at the Google Play Store. ?
  11. Hi!, is there an estimated date for this fixed Poweramp to be available in the Google Play stable release, instead of having it on the Beta?. Thanks!.
  12. If I install the alpha, will it keep my license?. Thanks a lot in advance for your time and attention.
  13. Oh, unfortunately I haven't received the update yet despite having the Auto Update option enabled on the Google Play app. My Poweramp version is still: 2.0.10-build-588-play
  14. Hi!. I received an email with a link to this forum, after posting a negative review on the Google Play Store due to the problems I have with Poweramp under Android O 8.1. I'm not salty or something, but, what's the point of installing a second app, in order for another one to properly work?. Does this means that Poweramp will not ever be updated anymore?. I have bought Neutron Player and it's doing a great job... I will return to Poweramp if it ever gets fixed and updated, because I've always loved Poweramp.
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