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  1. Thanks for the reply max. If i check the output Poweramp and Stock Music when playing DSD64/2.8Mhz, Poweramp use AUDIO_FORMAT_24_BIT_PACKED while Stock Music use AUDIO_FORMAT_32_BIT
  2. I'm also experiment on my device, how PA detect audio output on LG V30+, on default PA detect that my device is capable using Hires Experimental output, but if i remove legacy audio config (audio_policy.conf and audio_policy_output.conf) in system and leave only audio_policy_configuration.xml PA detect my device is capable using OpenSL Hires output but there is no AUX/WIRED Headphone only BT/USB DAC. In another device that use only new audio configuration (audio_policy_configuration.xml) and didn't include legacy audio configuration (audio_policy.conf and audio_policy_output.conf) PA detect OpenSL Hires output, there is AUX/WIRED option available, or PA detect Hires Experimental Output. So my question is how PA detect our device hires audio output? Why my device that removed legacy audio config didn't have AUX/WIRED option in OpenSL ES Hires while in other device there is an option for that with OpenSL ES Hires? Since Android 7.0 Google was introduced new audio configuration (audio_policy_configuration.xml) but some oem still include that legacy audio config (audio_policy.conf and audio_policy_output.conf) and some oem didn't include that. For more detail i'm attached my screenshots
  3. LG V30+ Android 8.0 at the moment, i have read someone talking about this but i would to ask it again i know it will break some functionality but may be you can consider it, or another way. I have tested again DSD (dsf/dff) playback in new Poweramp, the audio output volume is too low compared to stock LG Music and UAPP, i choose 352.8khz to match dsd file, does Poweramp detect propietary on my device like "dsd_compress_passthrough" or "dop" flag?
  4. @maxmp Thanks max for the update, is it possible to add option disable resampling? Because it's pain for me to change sample rate to match with song file everytime, or it is possible to add variable resampling to match with song file? example if song file was 44.1khz Poweramp resampling it to 176/352.8khz and if song file 48khz it resampler to 192/384khz
  5. Oh forgot to mention the device, LG V30+ stock android 8.0.0 using Poweramp 795. in stock music player LG playing DSD volume is normal like playing flac, also in Sony Music stock player playing DSD volume is normal, But in Poweramp is low volume when playing DSD.... flac, aif etc is normal in Poweramp, does Poweramp using DoP or natively?
  6. @maxmp please fully support LG V30 Hi-res variant with float32 options, currently only hi-res variant and don't have float 32 option on LG V30, on Galaxy S8 is working perfectly with samsung uhqa variant also float 32 option is available I'm using Poweramp 795 from google play store 1. LG V30/V30+ 2. Android 8.0.0 3. SoC Snadragon 835, DAC: QuadDAC ESS SABRE LGV30_V30+_Android_8.0.0_Audio_files.zip
  7. Poweramp can play DSD but very low volume compared to PCM, please support native DSD for snapdragon 835 and above.
  8. @maxmp Request hires support 24bit 384khz and 32bit at 192khz for Wired Headset/AUX Device : LG V30/V30+ Android : Official Stock Android 8.0.0 Chipset : Snapdragon 835 DAC : Quad DAC 32bit ESS Sabre ES9218P Poweramp 709 : 24bit 384khz is not working, only 24bit 44.1khz-352.8khz that's working (via Hires Experimental Output), there is no option for Open SL HD Output. Poweramp 790 : 24bit 192khz is working but sound weird, there is some skipping, no option for 24bit 352.8khz and 384khz (via Open SL HD Output), there is no option for Hi-res Experimental Output I attached complete audio configuration file Thanks LG_V30_AUDIO_ALLSERIES.zip
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