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  1. 1st of all thank you for the development.. App is looking great, I'm requesting an option of listing songs in the view as list small just like there is a grid small option. Also could you return the candy bar like view option.? Thank you.
  2. It would also be nice if we could get back stars instead of thumbs rating, and the shuffle /repeat /visualization /sleep timer buttons could be made transparent since some aren't always in use.
  3. Thank you for the good work.. Wait has been worth it. Just a few things we'd love to see user selectable. 1) the artist/song title moved from album art or made transparent (some users like to see full albumart). (2) option of using normal line seek bar like in previous versions. (it was more predictable on the exact part of the song you were skipping to.) (3) that black play/pause and song time area could be made just a little bigger. Thank you for the good work.
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