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  1. Unfortunately, yesterday, when I found myself out of the network range, Poweramp display the ERROR CONTACTING SERVER message. And so it has been permanently. Then, being in range of the network, via Google Play I reinstalled the application and the license, clearing the cache play and restarts of the phone, but the message is still displayed. Please - find a solution, I do not want to again again and again restore the factory settings to my phone. Best Regards jerzy
  2. Oh, I'm sorry, I have expressed myself badly - I bought the application with the license on the same smartphone on which it does not work now. After the purchase and installation, I received a message about an important purchase. At the moment I have a license installed but Poweramp does not work and requests a license from me even when wifi works and Google Play syncs with the account. This is the second such situation where I had to uninstall and reinstall the player. The situation is that I do not want to and I will not use the internet on this device because I do not see the reasons for ha
  3. Hi Poweramp! I have a tiny phone Motorola Defy with android 2.3.7 and I wanted to make it an mp3 player. I installed Poweramp from Play Store + I bought a license then the player authorizes the license and works correctly. Because I do not have a sim card inside or any other application on this device, so I do not use data transfer, I do not sync my account, and background data is turned off. After a few days Poweramp requires me to synchronize the account that I do not need. I am asking for instructions on what should I do so that I can use the player only offline. When I bought a license, th
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