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  1. If you tell Google Assistant to play X song/album by Y artist with Poweramp, it should work the way you want it to. At least it does on my S7. "OK Google. Play With or Without You by U2 with Poweramp." Most of the time I don't bother with artist unless I know there is more than one version of a song in my collection. 'Kiss' by Prince or Tom Jones, for example.
  2. @fishyweb My criticism was honest and polite, and I encouraged further development and referred to him/her as generous with his/her time. Maybe you should mind your own business instead of playing junior wannabe mod. And no, the app is not better than having no Poweramp support. Five minutes to wait for a list that is unusable is not at all helpful. It is, in fact quite useless. Why sugarcoat it? Why does everyone insist on being treated with kid gloves, these days? I was not pejorative or rude, rather it was an honest and accurate criticism. When I make a mistake at work, or fail on some aspect of a project, or even if they just don't like it, I want people to do me the courtesy of telling me straight out. Do not pander to me with a pat on the head and a cookie. Tell me where the problems are so I can try to address them. That is how you show respect. I do like cookies though...
  3. I would very much like to add my voice to those requesting that the excellent Poweramp have Android Auto compatibility added. I am in the market for a new 2018 F-150 and I want to use the Sync3 Android Auto interface. All of the music apps I have experimented with are woefully inadequate. JetAudio only gives me the options of play all or playlists and I tried the PowerampCar that was posted above, but it is worse than useless. No offense to JBou for his efforts, I realise it is only an alpha version, but it is pretty terrible. I like to keep a large portion of my music collection with me at all time, so I have over 170 gbs on a MicroSD card. When I click on folders it takes almost 5 minutes for the folder list to propagate EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am also very persnickety about how my collection is sorted, so the folders are organised Genre/Artist/Year - Album Title. For artists who have released more than one album in a given calendar year (Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc.) I add a number after the year to keep by collection perfectly sorted chronologically by album artist. What PowerampCar does is completely ignore the folder structure when browsing and instead lists every single folder alphabetically. That means I get every album released in 1970, for example, all listed together. Talk about completely useless. Hopefully if JBou generously choses to continue work on it, those two issues can be addressed. Astonishingly, the best player for Android Auto that I have found so far is still the dreadful Google Play Music. At least that app gives me the option of browsing my collection by artist, although it maddeningly insists on listing albums alphabetically. Who, when listening to the complete Beatles catalogue, starts with Abbey Road and finishes with Yellow Submarine? No one, that's who! I spent a lot of time looking for the best music app when I first switched to Android before coming to the conclusion that Poweramp was easily the best of the bunch. Please spare us from all of the dreck out there by adding Android Auto compatibility. Preferably before I pick up a new truck this summer. I will happily pay extra for such an add-on. Thank you.
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