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  1. This is mainly for audio books, I don't listen to much music anymore. I just wanted a simple option of speeding up the file so I can finish it faster, some authors read very slowly. Ill check out the app you linked but it seems like Poweramp is the only app that doesn't let users control speed or pitch. Ive noticed lots of complaints in Reddit threads about other simple features being left out. The most common recommendations for replacement are Blackplayer and GoneMAD. Gonna try em all and see which is simpler.
  2. Thanks again for the replies, I hand not installed the alpha so I must have been using my phones default app to speed up audio books. Ill keep an eye out for its release though. it will be nice to have speed/tempo as a feature on the live version.
  3. Thanks for the reply but I cant find the option anywhere. I checked all settings to make sure it want disabled, but when I go to the EQ/Tone Volume page there are no options for tempo. The second page only shows Balance knob/mono button/stereo x knob/ volume knob. I tried swiping but no other screens come up. I swear I used this function before but cant find a trace of it now. I see screenshots online where people used to have it but now it seems to have been removed. I switch to landscape mode and still cant get Poweramp to increase the playback speed of audiobooks or music. Any suggestions as to my issue? I purchased the full version but maybe thats what disabled the option to increase tempo with Poweramp.
  4. Is there an option for speed control while listening to audiobooks in the Poweramp full version? I'm asking of there is any way to speed up audio, for some reason, I thought Poweramp was able to speed up playback for audiobooks or music, but now I cant find the option.
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