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  1. Sure, can do! I've uninstalled my previous v823 Google Play version, installed v824, and tried to cast with both the alternative handling on and off. Unfortunately, there was no audio output and no album art, even with the alternative handling on. I've noticed that the seekbar does correctly move, stops when I press pause on the Poweramp app, and the 0 and end-time mark fades away when music is "playing". As far as i can play a song, anyway. I have tried a .mp3 file located on my SD card, and a .ogg on the internal memory. No different results with that. Edit: I forgot to mention. When the seekbar displayed on the Chromecast interface reaches its end, the Poweramp app does not automatically change to the next song. Don't know if that's useful, but just in case.
  2. I can cast from other apps such as Youtube from the same device with no problem, even when using VLC to recode a video from .mpg to .mp4 and cast it from the device. I don't have any kind of antivirus/firewall installed on my phone, or at least none than i'm aware of. And I'm fully logged into the whole Google Suite, even with the Google Home app. Only thing I can think of is that the Google account that configured the chromecast was not mine, but of my brother, who doesn't use Poweramp. Not sure if related. I have also noticed that the Google Home app starts thinking that i'm casting the audio, but the reproduction is "paused". I can open the details of the Chromecast device, and see some multimedia controls (volume, play/pause, next song), and the Name of the song currently... In process of casting. I can "start" the song from the Google Home app, select a point with the seekbar (with no apparent effect on the Chromecast or the Poweramp app). But, if i pause the reproduction from Google Home, it does pause Poweramp (which is to be expected). Not sure if this helps. I'd be happy to provide anymore needed information. The app is brilliant, and i'm more than committed to try to help where i can.
  3. Hi! I've recently updated the app to the v823 on Google Play, and I wanted to try the cast feature. The Poweramp interfaces loads up in the Chromecast, showing everything except for the album cover, which is replaced by a big black square. The audio doesn't reproduce on Chromecast, and in the PA app I can see the seekbar advancing a couple seconds, just to immediately go back to the starting position. I have tried a few different songs with the same results: No audio, no album cover being display. Some other info that might be useful: The songs are in a custom playlist, the album cover image has a maximum dimension of 1200x1200, and a minimum of 225x225, chromecast output is set to default parameters, PA version: v823 (Google Play) Device: LG G6 (H870) Android Oreo 8.0.0 Chromecast Firmware version: 1.37.148642/1.32.144770 (I have two different chromecasts, the v2 and the original, respectively. Have tried both of them with the same results)
  4. After last post, I've tried to investigate a bit further in regards of the "does it happens for a short time sometimes?" question. This is what I've done. 1. With the player correctly displaying the actual current song in the current track miniature, I closed the app using the "Recent Apps" button and menu. 2. After an actual hour, I open the app using the widget, and the current track playing problem appears again. 3. I select a new playlist, and start playing music. I let it play for about 20 minutes (8 different tracks). The current track playing problem is still present. 4. I close the app, immediately open it again (using the widget), and voila, problem solved. The current track playing miniature shows the actual current track being played. In regards to step 3, I've noticed that the current track miniature shows tracks from the "All songs category" with the same initial position and shuffle mode. When I select the first song of a playlist, the current track miniature shows the first song of the "All songs" category. And with the shuffle all songs from the same category mode activated, the current track miniature shows shuffled (hope that's how it's written) songs from the "All songs". If I have to describe it in more programming terms, i would say that the current track miniature pointer seems to have problems loading the playlist being currently played, but it seems to correctly get the positional value and shuffle info. Hope this is helpful!
  5. Hmmm... It usually happens when I haven't used Poweramp in at least an hour. Sometimes the current track that I left playing is not correctly displayed, sometimes it happens when i change the playlist. When it isn't working, I can change to a different song or playlist, and still the current track miniature is incorrect. But I haven't really found a consistent way to make the bug happen. What I've found is that closing the app and opening it again solves the problem. If not immediately, in question of a very short time.
  6. First of all, i want to thanks @maxmp for his amazing work. V3 is awesome to use. Anyway, i have encountered a bug related to the "Current track playing" miniature that it is displayed while navigating through the library. Sometimes, it does not show the actual track that it is being played. I attached some photos to illustrate. The problem seems to only occur when i open the app (I usually open it with the widget, not sure if that matters) after a couple of hours without using it. The problem persists even if I load a different playlist (I mostly use custom playlists to listen to my local music), and it is only corrected if i close the app and re-open it again. Something that I have also noticed is that the current track playing seems to reference songs from the "All songs" category in the library, since it has also displayed songs that i don't have in any playlist. Edit: Forgot to add. Device is LG G6 H870, with Android Oreo 8.0.0. Poweramp build is v3-build-812-play
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