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  1. The built-in rock equalizer sounds kinnda off with my recent headphones, I just got the Moondrop Starfield IEMs and I really want to tune the eq as best as I can for it, I listen to bands like Linkin Park, Architects some MGK (which is like, different genre every album) etc. Thank you.
  2. Poweramp build number - 859 your device model - OnePlus 6T your Android version - Android 10.3.0 Car model - Toyota Corolla 2019 So I've noticed something really strange, if I start driving for example from home to point B the music works normally, but when I start driving back home, this is when the problem starts : I connect to the car BT as always and after about 2-5 minutes, the music suddenly starts to sound choppy for 5 seconds and then it stops and resumes only when I turn on my phone's screen (without unlocking) and from here it will start doing the same choppy to no music routine but immediately after I turn off my screen, without that 2-5 minutes delay. when the screen is left on, the music will play normally. I don't really know where the issue lies, since I bought the car (which has Android firmware as well) at the same time I got the Android Q update, but when I tried playing music from iTube which works with downloaded files, the music worked fine.
  3. Havent played too much with the new update but the first thing that caught my eye is that the album image on the widget is sided, like it takes barley 20% of the widget instead of stretching full size, don't know if its a bug of intended but please fix/revert it back
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