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  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2. Stock Android 8.0.0 3. Whatever DAC the note 8 has. I have a previous post in this thread, only have OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output available, and that only up to 192hz. Hi-Res support hasn't worked for quite some time since switching to Android 8.0.0 but I know the phone is capable since I've had it before. Build : rc-797-uni
  2. 1. Samsung Note 8 2. Android 8.0 3. Cirrus logic (Formally known as Wolfson) DAC on the Exynos Note 8, from my knowledge. An an aside, it used to work before the 8.0 update. Edit: using Poweramp with a Fiio-btr1 dac/bt receiver and with the beta 790 I now have access to OpenSL ES HD which does sound better than the default output but no Hi-Res output on the list. Thanks in advance.
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