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  1. I have tried both the versions, and they both have this bug. With Hi-res output active, audio is slightly audible at very high volume levels. Also, the Equaliser amd Tone when enabled, distorts the audio. And the volume level changes to hundred everytime I change any setting in the Audio>output. V704 worked perfect for me, all settings kept the same. Most of my tracks are 24/192 flac files. Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 7.0
  2. I use a Galaxy S6 running on Android 7.0 the audio quality on the new Beta release is significantly degraded as compared to the previous beta versions. even with the audio headroom gain disabled there is no change in the sound quality. the volume is not loud enough, the base and the treble knobs under the tone option earlier used to give excellent bass and treble but with the latest beta release the bass knob distorts the audio badly when cranked up. Openssl output and the native playback doesn't work only the high-res output works but with very low volume and low quality.
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