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  1. Hello Poweramp team, I have a problem recently I changed my phone and I had to transfer my songs from an SD to the new phone, the problem is that now the playlists in Poweramp do not detect the songs. I guess it's because of the route change. How can i fix it? Cheers, Merry Christmas.
  2. I already did it again and again nothing happens, the files are not exported.
  3. I already did it, but nothing happens. Playlists files are not created
  4. Poweramp version and build number: v3-build-852-arm64-play [852004-ce3a07c4] Your device model: LG-H820 Your Android version: 6.0.1 When I try to export my Poweramp playlists I get the following message: "Allow access There is no write access to the files. To enable access in the Grant Access dialog box, select storage (for example, SD card) in the hamburger menu, then click select "
  5. Andre But what are you saying? I responded to your message a long time ago and you will never receive a response from you, so spam, check above and you will see it. And no, my problem is not solved.
  6. Hello Andre, Let me see if I understood you. You think the problem is because my playlists are not the original ones, so you are asking me to try a completely new original list with many songs if the problem happens again, right?
  7. Hello Andre I understand your point, but there is something to take into account, the original playlists no longer have them, so I use the M3U8 files directly.
  8. Hello Andre The diagnosis is correct. I will try what you mention with my own playlists and tell you the result. Okay, I just tried what you told me and when I changed the name of the M3U8 file it also changed in the playlist in Poweramp and the result was the same, the new songs do not appear.
  9. It's strange because Poweramp was always able to overwrite the M3U8 file without creating it from scratch, I could test the problem is that I'm afraid it won't work and I end up losing all my playlists. The second option you mention about write protection sounds very reasonable, although I don't know if that's my case, how could I know and fix it? Thank you so much
  10. Hello Andres Excuse me, but I didn't understand your message, could you repeat more clearly what you want me to do please? Thank you so much.
  11. I understand that the M3U8 files are not constantly updated when changing something in their respective playlist, the problem is that approximately 1 month ago it is not updated even if you re-export the playlist. It is as if the M3U8 file could no longer store more information and any changes you make to the playlist in the Poweramp interface were not applied to those files even if I export it again.
  12. But that is not my problem. When they are small playlists there is no problem, but as I said from the beginning my playlists are large. In the previous message I was as detailed as possible so that I could enter perfectly, please read it again and if you do not understand something ask me.
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