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  1. Library / folder functions, and queue / playlist functions please. Choosing what to listen to and in what order and being able to save that order is pretty essential for daily use. Other than that the new build is fab. Also, where Poweramp is in the drop down volume menu I'd like to be able to click the Poweramp icon to go to the Poweramp EQ settings.
  2. The more customisable they better, providing that they're are still a few simple default options for n00bs and lazy people.
  3. Make the max resolution available with Bluetooth clear with a tooltip or similar in the settings bit where you choose which interfaces to use it on. Lots of people aren't aware of the maximum bit rate and data rate Bluetooth offers. Android Authority: Bluetooth Audio Quality Explained (March 2017)
  4. Wow, great new UI! So far only ones crash when trying to auto-find music folders. The crash also bumped me back to the light theme from my choice of dark theme. Now to muck about with headphones and Bluetooth output. ?
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