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  1. That'd be freaking awesome! When is it inbound? What stream URLs currently work with Poweramp Streams? I tried Youtube Live Music Streams, some podcast apps' URLs and Spotify URLs as well. None worked for me. Error appears or keeps loading. I'm a noob to this stream feature as I haven't used it yet. Been a proud P.Amp user since 5 years now.
  2. Everybody, please be patient. Max will post anytime soon now (may be within this month). This is gonna be the best android music player on the planet (period)
  3. This is only second time I'm asking for actual ETA since March so one sincere request to all the admins and lord @maxmp himself?: When can I expect the next beta/stable release of v3?
  4. Who knows, except @maxmp , when it arrives but whenever it hits this forum, it'll really drive p.amp fans nuts (correlating their passion for high quality listening experience and flawless or near-flawless user interface). My prediction for the release is mid-june-ish
  5. Will it be a pinned post whenever max uploads new build or just a regular post ?
  6. What? New forum post/thread! No way, @maxmp is doing that! The new updated beta release and follow-up tweaked releases will be posted here only or at least their links will be provided here if by any chance it's posted on a diff. thread!
  7. Do the settings get imported successfully into the 709 when exported from previous versions? If so, how to do it flawlessly?
  8. No such problem here on my MI A1 (latest 8.1 oreo + all patches). I, too, have 99% opus content.
  9. Will this Unlocker work on this build - 709 release and future releases (beta+alpha+stable) ?
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