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  1. Here's how i achieve what you're asking for, because i also asked the same thing. build a playlist. sort the playlist with the first sort option: Shuffle (Random sort) play the playlist serially.
  2. Andre, Your are correct, but those two records are entries from a test/sample playlist. The list is full of actual and apparent duplicates. But these two should be treated as a duplicates. My goal is to have the absolute duplicates automatically removed from the playlist (this should probably be optional) and potential duplicates displayed, so the user can select which to keep or remove. My list has multiple versions of the same song by different artists to test this. I'll probably have to learn one of these new fangled programming languages to do this though. I also want to build smart-
  3. /storage/extSdCard/Music/Barry Manilow/Barry Manilow/Mandy.mp3 /storage/extSdCard/Music/Barry Manilow/Ultimate Manilow/Mandy.mp3 these are duplicate songs in a playlist that won't be de-duped because the paths are included. De-dupe is supposed to remove duplicate songs. by including the path the likelihood of finding a match is reduced. remove the paths and they'll get de-duped every time. It would be even better if the track was id'd by shamwow or google sound and the id tag written back to the mp3 tag, then duplicates could be removed regardless of the path and/or file names.
  4. I doubtful that it'll work. I've tested several de-duplication features and they all get it wrong. Even Poweramp's is wrong. so I figure I'll write my own. Other than my pride and head; what could it hurt? Virtually everyone includes the path to the file in the de-duplication list. That's a mistake. It virtually guarantees duplicates.
  5. Thanks Andre. I think I'll try writing a tasker script to weed and dedupe my file.
  6. this has been driving me crazy. I have a file based playlist that I've been deleting entries from, duplicates mostly. Every hour or so, I have to re-delete the same tracks from the same playlist. there's no "save" feature when you edit a playlist to confirm the modified list is posted. the only thing I can think of is that the modified list is cached and something is periodically refreshing the list from the file. I took my freshly edit file and added its contents to a new playlist, then continued to edit the original file. shortly thereafter an artist that I'd deleted completely from th
  7. The links location comes back as invalid.
  8. Anyone know of any native android software bolt on/plug in that does smart playlists? I don't use a pc/mac to manage/sync music.
  9. Anyone know how to make it work or how to configure what it uses to determine what a duplicate is? I can't figure out how to make it work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/etsg8imz39av8pv/screenshot-1408482175488.png
  10. could you please add a shuffle feature? everybody imlements "shuffle" but it's really a poorly implemented "random" feature. Here's my issue. I have 288 songs on my phone. I only ever get to hear the same 50 because everybodys player only cycles through the same damn 50 songs. To shuffle: build a list. sort it randomly. play it serially. when you hit the end of the list, stop. this way I'll be guarenteed to not hear the same song more than once.
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