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  1. On 9/3/2018 at 2:58 AM, andrewilley said:

    790 did not properly check if High-Res was actually available on a device, so it could just as easily be outputting at standard definition even if you selected the High Res mode.


    Thank you Andre, I think you're right since it's logical, but after enjoying and accustoming the ear with the clarity that gave 790 with flac to 24 and updating 795 it's frustrating to be unaccustomed to the details a muffled sound, it's like returning to the I'm sorry but maybe not validating the high resolution correctly processed the sound differently and that made the difference between 790 and 795 a lot and I would like it to come back

  2. On 9/4/2018 at 2:13 AM, djdarko said:

    Couldn't you export a backup file of your settings?

    Hello djdarko I could solve the problem when the album disappears art looking in the folder selected_aa the file and rename the file of the album art in question just as you have it in the info tags since for some reason the ones that disappear are the ones that do not respect exactly uppercase and lowercase, I hope it serves you

  3. 3 hours ago, MeGustaPowerAmp said:

    Dude, are you using a S4 Mini? Are you using AOKP, by chance? I've got a lot of questions...


    Hi Res isn't working for me in V795 (it didn't in previous versions);  may be HW related, but I'm not sure, so you can make a request for Hi Res here

    Hello, Galaxy S4 mini i9195 I use Lineage OS 15.1 (8.1) in non-official version and the high resolution works for me in the 790 version 

  4. Hi Max I want to thank you for the excellent work on 790, 793 and 795, although it seems that my Galaxy S4 mini does not support high resolution on the 790 it seemed that yes, I have installed and uninstalled many times and the 790, 795, and comparing the quality of audio with the high resolution switch activated in the 790 is better than in the 795 where it no longer allows only for BT and DACScreenshot_Poweramp_20180812-081733.thumb.png.621ec7a0a9c497f6c5747540317f0c7a.png


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