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  1. Is that normal if I want my audio output to be Hi-res? When I switch to Hi-res, I increase my volume by up to three levels (to match the volume I hear during regular OpenSL ES Output).
  2. I also typed @gmail.com (it just doesn't show) and I figured that the email app I was using was bugged so I used another emailing app to send an email. Hope you have received it.
  3. I tried to send an email to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com but it says invalid recipient.
  4. Hello, Andre! I'm not really sure how refunding works (and I think it is a lot of hassle) so I guess I'll just have to stick around with my old Google account just to keep all my paid apps. Thank you so much for the fast response! 😊
  5. I switched to a new Google account and I just want to know if it is possible. Thanks!
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