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  1. Is there a bug where the size of the playlist can't exceed certain number of tracks?? 1214 is what I noticed no matter how many I add, i don't know if the actual number is that or the number just freezes beyond the 1214 mark. It shows up fine in other music players though.
  2. Thanks Max, I found a bug in my most precious part of a music player, Playlists Turns out the shuffle isnt working when i press the shuffle icon from a playlist. The shuffle every song in the library feature works but not the playlist specific ones. Any possible solutions/workarounds? EDIT: I'm using the HTC 10 stock 8.0 ROM
  3. First of all, thank you so much for this build. I wanted to report an issue on my HTC 10. The songs on my playlists aren't shuffling. Is this a known issue?
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