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  1. Apologize to my sentences, it's my fault that saying like that. I wish you to forgive me. THanks.
  2. Just want non-alphabetic scroll. You have to consider international customers. I just want your feedback saying that it can be or it can't be.
  3. Even Though korean consonants tag can't be accomplished, We can request just scroll(not consonants). It will not be difficult.
  4. In music lists, when i choose 'sort by file name', the scroll bar looks like '0 a b c...'. When i choose 'sort by file date', the scroll bar looks like rod. The scroll bar is unchangable, unless I change sorting method. Can u make the scroll bar changable '0 a b c' or rod. Sincerely Yours
  5. When I choose 'sort by name', the scroll bar is composed of 0,alphabet,#.(picture1) When I choose 'sort by date', the scroll bar exists.(picture2) This change is unchangeable. Can we choose scroll bar? The picture1 scroll bar is very uncomfortable for me. The picture2 scroll bar will be comfortable for me. Sorry for my little english capacity... Sincerely Yours.
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