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  1. Yes, in the explorer I can play the songs over Poweramp. All TAGs are fine.
  2. Zkopíruji složku do telefonu, ale Poweramp ji nevidí. V jiné aplikaci není problém.
  3. I have one mp3 folder and copy all my albums. Yes, the mp3 folder is selected in the settings.
  4. Copied albums will not appear in the Poweramp. When I scroll through the folders, the interpreter is unknown. I have no problems with another player. Nokia 7+ Pie
  5. Hello, I have the same problem. Your advice unfortunately did not help. Nokia 7 + pie
  6. Why did he disappear from the 807 version of the Czech language?
  7. On incoming notification, the song starts to tear. There was no problem in older versions.
  8. I'll join. Bulid 795 without any problem.
  9. I also have the same problem. It would be good to fix it as soon as possible, otherwise it is inapplicable to me.
  10. In version 792, songs were sorted by track numbering. Version 793 is sorted alphabetically without any change.
  11. The player plays only in random order. Nokia 7+
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