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  1. Under the settings for Hi-Res Output > Bluetooth > Buffer Size I'd suggest selecting the Huge preset - if that doesn't help, I'd suggest increasing the number of buffers (it defaults to 3 for the Huge preset). I had a minor issue with stuttering and the above eliminated it - perhaps it will help with "chopping". As for peaking, enabling the Limiter will probably help... ?
  2. I'm happy to inform you that a rather oddball device, the LeEco Le Max 2 (Le Eco being the first manufacturer to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of Continuous Digital Lossless Audio over USB-C) performs very nicely with High Res Output in the 709 build... ????? P. S. I'm using an aftermarket ROM: AospExtended v5.5-Official (Android 8.1). As for the output being Wired/AUX, I'm using USB-C earphones... ? ? https://m.gsmarena.com/leeco_le_max_2-8051.php
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