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  1. Thank you for your answer. Would it be hard to implement it to Poweramp? I have a ton of these files i made and would like to use them.
  2. I would love to see support for srt files. They are lyric files that has time stamps according to the song. So when the artist says the lines the words comes up. This is the only feature i would like to see as this would make it the perfect app.
  3. Ok i use Mp3tag to add lyrics to my FLAC files but Poweramp 814-play will not read them. I have no time stamps just the lyrics in the lyrics box in Mp3tag. Then i hold ctrl and hit s to save the tag. AM i doing something wrong in Mp3tag? Or Poweramp at this time can not read lyrics from FLAC just yet. Works perfectly for mp3 files.
  4. If you put your videos and audio files in their own folder and then let Poweramp just search the the audio folder then you won't have to worry about video files playing just the audio part.
  5. I liked the way it was in the alpha version of v3. In settings you could disable it. Sad to see that option to disappear in the official release. Phone happens to come on in your pocket while listening to music and certain touches could cause you to delete music. I hope Max puts the disable delete option back in settings.
  6. First and foremost great new version. One thing that i can't find the the old version had but won't carry over with the settings file from the alpha v3 is the option to disable delete. Meaning before i upgraded to the official version 3 i went in and saved my settings in the v3 alpha and it had the option to disable delete. But when i imported the settings file into the official v3 delete is still active. So i ask, is there a way to disable the delete function in the official v3 version? As i looked through all the settings and it's not in the same place as the alpha version of v3. If not, will the option come back? As i liked that option so i don't accidentally delete a music file.
  7. Which V3 build got the most features as of right now. Since i bought it from google play will i be able to use these test builds with the google play version of Poweramp unlocker?
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