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  1. Hi, would it be possible to increase the buffer length not only to 750ms but to something about 10 or 20 seconds? I don't know if this would have any impact on performance but modern phones/tablets should have more than enough memory for this. I think this should be to hard to implement because we already have the option to change the buffer size. I would do it by myself if you would give me the source code ;-). I'm asking for this because I listen to music on my Nexus 7 from an USB stick that is mounted on my router and then mounted on the N7 via CIFS. The problem here is that I get WIFI drops if I have my stereo connected via Bluetooth at the same time. The drops are normally not too long but they sometimes exceed the 750ms buffer and that creates annoying audio drops. It would be nice if you could take the 5-10 minutes to implement this :-). Thanks
  2. Hi there, today I finally had time to test this and it is still a little bit buggy . When I skip a track right at the beginning the track still gets scrobbled as if I would have listened to the full track. Also scrobbling is not resuming after unpausing a track (which is a really good workaround for the double scrobbles with the other two interfaces btw ). The official Last.fm app works fine in these situations with the standard android music player.
  3. Hi there, I really love Poweramp but what really bothers me is that it only has support for SLS and Scrobble Droid. I know that the official Last.fm app can scrobble song with these notifications/broadcasts but they are really buggy. E.g. songs are scrobbled if you listened only 10 seconds of them contrary to the 50% or 4 minutes you need with the offical app and every player on the pc. Songs also get scrobble 2 times if you pause them and unpause them after a few minutes. Since it should be pretty simple to implement the broadcasts for the official Last.fm app I would be more than happy if you could implement them. Infos for the broadcasts: https://github.com/c99koder/lastfm-andr ... -interface
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