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  1. Hi, I've been using Poweramp for a few years. When I bought it had the fastest lockscreen by a wide margin, but it has been getting laggy since then, and now when I turn on the screen it takes about 2-3 seconds for the Poweramp lock screen to appear. In the meantime, what I see is the android standard lock screen. It is quite inconvenient, and I do not know the reason why this is happening. Right now I am using Lightning Launcher eXtreme, but previously I used Buzz and the default Samsung Galaxy S3 launcher, and I had the same problem with all of them. I'll gladly offer any information tha
  2. hi, i just updated the app, and i have only one problem, but very big. music stops playing after about 1 minute and 10 seconds. i tried with several tracks, and i tried with the phone locked and unlocked, and the behaviour is always the same. pd: music doesnt pause, it stops completely. pd2: now its even worse. now music stops, and the screen goes to desktop, at about 35 seconds, but it seems that the process is not killed, since the Poweramp notification is still on the notifications bar.
  3. I forgot to explain one reason why i love this feature. There are some songs that i think are just great and/or beautiful. I think they deserve 5 stars. I am talking about pieces like High Hopes from Pink Floyd, Unchained Melody, Stairway to Heaven, November Rain, Suspicious Minds... Well, i am sure you get the idea. There are many, many songs that i humbly believe they deserve the top rating. But, i do not feel like listening to them every day, or even every week. Thus, if i create a playlist based on my manual rating, i would have to skip all those great songs almost every day, until they co
  4. I know that there is a rating system planned for a future release. I'd love such a feature. But i would like to ask Max if he would consider adding an automatic rating system like Amarok has. I, like many other people i guess, have a very large music collection, and i usually do not have the time or the willpower to manually rate every single song. However, with an automatic rating system i can create a playlist based on that automatic score and forget about having to assign a value to each song. For those that do not know how Amarok rates the songs, it is based on how long you play the song.
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