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  1. Glad to read this, and also glad that you don't aim to just copy what others are doing but actually improve on it, but I hope this feature comes sooner rather than later.For now, I'm gonna keep using PP till this feature comes to Poweramp, which sucks because Poweramp's UI is A MILLION times better... Keep it up though, as soon as this feature is available Poweramp will be well above every other music player (it already is for the most part)
  2. I don't know if MediaMonkey and WinAmp use the same rating system, but i they're different, and if you make MediaMonkey ratings readable, please also make it an option to read WinAmp ratings, and give the user the option to choose which rating the player should use.
  3. I'm also still waiting for this feature. PlayerPro has it, don't see why Poweramp can't get it in too?
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