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  1. Well it doesn’t sound promising. I may root just to check for certain. No mention of support from moto, but seems ridiculous not to take advantage of when hardware has support. Any accounting for the change in audio qaulty/balance with openSL HD? I don’t know what is causing the percieved difference but I like the results. It was/is immediately apparent when it defaults to 'speaker' instead of 'AUX'. Using that as an analogue/substitute for a blind test it doesn't seem to be placebo. I’d like to not lose whatever differences there are when detection is more fleshed out. It at least gives me incentive to learn more. Thanks for the reply and clarification. And thanks to everyone who replied and helped. I'll post back when I find an answer or possible solution regardin this phone.
  2. Nah. I don’t mind going back to scratch. I was just worried that meant something like leftover bits causing more substantial issues, like it not being able to rescan the library or something. I can deal with a fresh install and playlists. License issues or something more permanent were my worries. Thanks a lot. I’ll report back in a bit. Well USB DAC is still the only option. Cleared data and cache. Here is a tidbit from the Aqstic page. "Qualcomm Aqstic hardware Ready to get incredible sound? Use these products in your next audio project. ... Qualcomm Aqstic Hi-Fi DAC The Qualcomm Aqstic Hi-Fi DAC combines performance and low power consumption to deliver the most authentic sound and most faithful reproduction of a musician’s recording to your smartphone and USB Type-C dongles. AQT1000 ..." I think this is a separate hardware solution independant of the SoC, but I’m not certain its not a component of the system. It supports 382/32bit which is different from the specs on the product brief. But even though the product brief for the SD 625 says it can play 192/24bit it might be possible that it also requires USB to work. If it requires USB-C I’m boned, because Lenovo/Moto only put micro USB on thiis device. I’m stabbing in the dark but it might be a lead for a definitive answer on the question of Aqstic devices. The OpenSL HD output had improved sound, but it might have been related to the difference between OpenSL and the HD variant on the software side. I’m still hopeful its a detection fluke but i’ll have investigate more tomorrow. I’ll leave with another question: Is the USB DAC option universal for external DACs(guessing this is the case) or did it detect that as being readily functional? It read ’variant:usb dac only’ if it makes a difference. In the meantime it‘s sleep time. Thanks for the replys and good night.
  3. I was waiting for a 790 beta. Play store thinks I have 709. I could downgrade, but the 790 thread seemed to imply that, due to library changes, it’s not as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling, but I’m not sure why. I’m going to look back at it now. Edit :From Max on first post of 790 thread: "Please make sure you backed up your previous installation, as it's not easily possible to re vert to previous versions due to database format change. " Any thoughts? Going to search for specifics now. Edit 2: Just adding that i haven’t rooted this phone. It’s unlocked so I could do it and even put a new rom on it, but the current climate makes me feel safer unrooted, plus stability and things like high res support in PA seem more reliable on stock.
  4. USB DAC only. Should have mentioned I’m using aux/3.5 with powered speakers. Aqstic supposedly has built-in quad DAC so between that and the powered speakers it shouldn’t be an issue should it? No USB DAC(or usb anything to try it). Does the lack of AUX under the experimental HD output mean detection thinks its a no go in build 790? Edit: went straight from the real old beta to 790 in case you missed my edit in other post. So I’m not familiar with the behavior of the hardware exprimental HD output. Edit 2: This is straight from the product brief. Qualcomm Aqstic™ + Crystal clear VoLTE w/ Ultra HD Voice (EVS) + High fidelity music playback 24bit/192kHz + Dolby 5.1 support There is room for it to be misleading but I’m no expert on audio.
  5. 1. Moto g5s plus (snapdragon 625) 2. Nougat 7.1.1 2a. Using build 790 (192/24 OpenSL HD) I’m aware of the false reporting in this build. Edit: Might be worth noting that I skipped straight from the really old Play Store beta to 790 so I don’t know how the audio pipeline checking for HD audio compatibility would have acted on this phone. 3. SoC supports Aqstic https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/processors/625 https://www.qualcomm.com/solutions/mobile-computing/features/aqstic Listening tests suggest better clarity/better ’definition’ and range(?). Using modified bass and treble eq with emphasized low-end thats smoother, deeper, and dors not muddy or drown out highs but is even more noticible with the mids. No other ’enhancements. Edit 2: To clarify, Sox Resampler along with EQ are the only things enabled. Everything else is off including replaygain and dithering.And no MusicFX. I know 625/aqstic has been mentioned. Just throwing my experience in. There difference seems apparent. I don’t think its pacebo. It is important to note that it often initially reports playing through the phone speaker when it isn’t. So you need to make sure the output that is using openSL HD is actually active in settings. I have every other output turned off, and unplugging and reconnecting usually solves this.
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