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  1. Have the problem with widget. I have tried reboot and re-install. Last version. 795. Is it bug or is the way to fix it in options?
  2. Still got the problem with lirycs. How can I fix it ?
  3. Have the problem with sound presets. I chose 1 preset for my headphones and 1 for phone. But they don't change automatically when I plug in/out my headphones. How to fix that ?
  4. Seriously. I bought the app in 2013. After that I've got few updates. After that - silence. No updates. On forum - lie with dates. If you can't realese update in the terms YOU TELL US than just wright post about that. Behavior like little child.
  5. Can't open Artists, add smth to playlist, open player with tap on widget. Can't play music from search. Hard to use 790.
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