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  1. Mick#7

    Poweramp beta build-795

    Have the problem with widget. I have tried reboot and re-install. Last version. 795. Is it bug or is the way to fix it in options?
  2. Mick#7

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Still got the problem with lirycs. How can I fix it ?
  3. Have the problem with sound presets. I chose 1 preset for my headphones and 1 for phone. But they don't change automatically when I plug in/out my headphones. How to fix that ?
  4. Seriously. I bought the app in 2013. After that I've got few updates. After that - silence. No updates. On forum - lie with dates. If you can't realese update in the terms YOU TELL US than just wright post about that. Behavior like little child.
  5. When I bought a smartphone I must pay for any new Android version update ?
  6. Can't open Artists, add smth to playlist, open player with tap on widget. Can't play music from search. Hard to use 790.