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  1. All of my songs are sorted by Filename. And I agree, it would make sense to enable A-Z scroll to all types of sorting. Afterall, it was possible in the earlier builds Paul
  2. Hey Andre, I'm sorry, the screen I'm reffering to is simply the folder that the currently playing song is located (I use folders to sort my songs). Now that you mentioned, I found that if I'm at the root folder of my song library, there are quick select letters on the right side. But when I select one of the folders and want to find my song in there, only a scrollbar appears on the right side - no quick select letters. This was not the case couple of updates earlier. Please see my screenshots to fully understand what I mean. Regards, Paul
  3. Hey Devs, The v3 of the player is as awesome as it gets so far! Use the player every day. However, since a couple of updates ago the "first-letter-selection" option (right side of the screen) is only available if scrolling through playlists/folders and it is not there on the Now Playing screen. Is this a bug or did you do that intentionally? I really liked the ability to quickly scroll to my desired song in the Now Playing screen using the first letter of the artist/song. Thanks in advance. Paul
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