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  1. Those info such as Track title,album & Artist name should be on the Top & Middle from both side(I mean from right & left)
  2. I really Love the New Beta Preview! I want to share some opinions and bug reports.and sorry for my poor English! Bug Reports: 1.Can't Open any tracks Externally,Such as from any file manager,Spacially from Sd card! [Poweramp Crashes but not stopped playing untill I Click 'OK'] 2.Recently Added library isn't working! along with Top rated,playlists,Genres. 3.If I Open Queue Poweramp Crashes [Poweramp Crashes but not stopped playing untill I Click 'OK'] Suggestions: 1.Track title &Track artist and album name should be transparent BG. 2.Those[Given at no. 1] Shuld be in the top. 3.★ Rating should need to bring back instead of Like & dislike button.[Because If I don't like any track I'll delete that but n't dislike that]
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