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  1. What. This is horrible! Some of my covers are rectangular instead of squared, so this is atrocious! This is like how Android takes covers, stretches them into a square, and then crops them out in the shape of the screen to use them as the lockscreen wallpaper! OK it's not that bad but I kinda paid for this app so I think I have a right to whine about major regressions like these.
  2. Glad somebody else gets it. It's an opt-in beta, but I'm not sure if it has demo functionality. I sure wouldn't have bought this app years back, though, if I had seen a thread like this back then.
  3. I just updated via Play Store to latest beta. I'm happy overall, but this particular issue is very obnoxious and I'd really like to have my clean artwork back. I did kinda spend days in total to get the best versions of the front, disc and track album art where it was possible, and now I'm sad because it's getting covered by this design. I don't need the artwork to be rounded off or covered with text just because you want the play button to be the size of my thumb. If this stays like this after the beta I'm going to be very angry. I'll take this in the meanwhile, but if it stays like this afterwards I'm parting ways with a negative review behind me and a bitter taste in my mouth from the silence. I did come here for the customization options after all, because all the options I wanted were there. If you're going to remove options please make sure they were trivial in the first place. The album lists do look better now though. I still don't like how they're rounded off now but I approve of putting the text over the artwork in that case because it takes less space and is actually easier to look at, plus I only look at it a few seconds at a time. Do reconsider the main screen customization options though. At least say something though, don't leave us waiting…
  4. Just my opinion, but — — Yeah, no. I'd rather have full black background like in the screenshot… That sounds terrible… Unless the font was absolutely beautiful, that's not going to look very nice. And if you were to use another font, how are you going to handle titles with weird unicode characters? Noto will do just fine, but it's really not that pretty. And using a more good-looking font would most likely just end up using Noto as fallback for anything outside latin characters. I like my ñ's and my CJK how they are now, all in a similar font.
  5. If it so happens that there's no option to move the text away from the cover when the final release comes I am going to cry. (not really) I do see how this interface feels less cluttered. But covers just aren't made for this… Sometimes they aren't a square. Sometimes they have text in them. Sometimes they have the main elements of the picture right where the overlay is now! And I will notice every single time it fails, and then I'll cry. So please, please, please give us an alternative scheme.
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