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  1. Poweramp build number: v3-build-866-arm32-play [866002-e635c8be] your device model: Motorola moto e⁵ (XT1944-3) your android version: Android 8.0.0 your custom ROM name/version: running on stock steps to reproduce: Keep some apps running services on the background Add ~90GB of Opus music (192k, cover art embedded) Start first scan, then either: Wait with app in foreground PA hogs all resources and makes phone slow and hangs it, crashes, sent to main settings screen, must start scan from scratch Keep app in the background Android kills the app upon switching and doing some work on the foreground, must start scan from scratch I was not offered to send an error log but I sent the logs anyway. Currently can't use the app because it won't scan the tags.
  2. I don't quite understand what you're asking for. Unless I am, and then well, the feature is there. You can select which categories are shown in the library view. Two of these categories are the album artist categories. One of these two categories will sort albums by album artist, and optionally show all the tracks in albums by that album artist.
  3. @MotleyG I'm asking for artwork that displays only on the list of albums in the library (from cover.jpg, like in the days of v2), plus per-track artwork like it is displaying now. Right now when there is per-track artwork, PA chooses a random track and applies that track's embedded cover to the album list. Am I clear? I feel like I have to draw a diagram here e.e Anyways I can't show pictures because PA can't even finish scanning and it's driving me up the walls... I'm going to make a forum post now... EDIT: I'm not sure if I sound passive-aggressive here but that's not my intention. I thank you for just replying and acknowledging my problems instead of claiming my tagging is what's causing it and that there's no possible solution. Yes that is me being a little passive aggressive, but not to you, or Max.
  4. "when playing" Not what I'm asking for bud. Please read the thread again. You could have 100,000+ for all I care. Still, well, it does crash for me. On two phones I have, even. I just did a factory reset on my main phone too. Still doesn't work. I would expect my Nokia 1 to have trouble with my library but not outright crash if I leave the app. Also, I don't expect my Moto E⁵ to crash at all; yet it does, it hogs all resources and locks up my phone, then if I leave the app it is killed, and then it starts scanning again!!! That can only mean it does no checkpoints and that is not good when it has to start again and takes like forty minutes everytime. Anyways, I'll try again in a little while. Maybe it only happens on the latest version only because this wasn't how it worked before.
  5. Look, I know that it's possible. But just say that you agree with me that being able to use cover.jpg would make your life easier. Because it would, and maybe Max will listen! I'm not doing that more than three times on my music library though. Too much work. Anyways I'm not using Poweramp anymore because the scanner either crashes the phone or crashes itself from analysing 10000 tracks. Please fix your app Max. Forum post coming soon
  6. I'd like this feature actually. I resort to doing it manually otherwise and actually having Last.fm as the source in the first place would make it that much quicker. I don't like having the live concert type of picture to represent the artist anyways, I prefer the concept photoshoot type of picture. Though that is of course dictated by preference, so having both sources would be nice as well, since current source is pretty good quality actually. Just, not what I'm looking for.
  7. *cries internally* I don't know that I wanted to know that information. I guess you're right though, that is technically possible. It isn't a good workaround when you must do it manually several times though. @maxmp please listen to my cries of help. Even though I really don't *need* this particular feature, this is the kind of feature that made me buy the app in the first place!
  8. I didn't read this. Yeah it used to work like this, there used to be an options in the cover options that allowed to always apply cover.jpg to the library view, and the library view only!
  9. @andrewilley Yeah well, those people tend to not download whole albums. And anyway, having this function as an optional setting like it used to be wouldn't affect them anyway. Also I doubt those people would buy Poweramp anyway EDIT: by the way, having to do a full rescan everytime I add a cover.jpg to my phone is too time-consuming considering it takes like forty minutes (I think. I haven't counted it) and it consumes so many resources that it almost crashes my phone, and if I do anything else on it Poweramp crashes and I have to do it again. Hardly practical at all, even for folder view.
  10. Why though, it worked perfectly well back in v2 so why not now? I do agree that folder trees are completely arbitrary but everyone puts albums on a single folder when they have lots of them, and you can't tell me otherwise.
  11. I unticked it and deleted the cache, it doesn't work for neither the album view nor the folder view. Both views chose the fifth (?) cover for displaying as the album cover. I don't even know. @maxmp is this actually supported in Poweramp? I'm having doubts. EDIT: Actually I don't think I'm being understood. My phone's folders: > Music >> (a folder for each album artist) >>> (a folder for each album) >>>> (every track on the album, track artwork embedded when available) >>>> cover.jpg (for representing the whole album) Expected behaviour: On album list: Display cover.jpg On folder view: Display cover.jpg On album tracklist: Display embedded artwork for every track On main screen: Display embedded artwork for current playing track Current behaviour: On album list: Displays a random track's embedded artwork (I don't know how this is selected) On folder view: Displays a random track's embedded artwork (again, I don't know how this is selected) On album tracklist: Displays embedded artwork for every track (correct) On main screen: Displays embedded artwork for current playing track (correct) I'm not asking for much here. This used to be an option that you had to enable. I don't understand why it was removed.
  12. @andrewilley Oh. Is that a thing? Well, IMHO I think it's better to leave such an obscure function to either the play button (long press and tap) or the progress bar (swipe left).
  13. Is this a good thing though, if some of the streams broadcast names incorrectly? The fact is we don't have to copy how TV works just because it's similar. Besides, some streams just straight out don't broadcast their names, and the URL doesn't help. Surely you agree that the current solution isn't ideal in such cases.
  14. Oh no, but of course! Once custom name or artwork has been entered it should not change automatically. However, there has to be the choice to start using the default name again, lest you make the user do something as silly as removing the stream and adding it again to achieve the same thing. EDIT: Actually, we can't even do that. Why can't we remove streams from the list? Is that not yet implemented or… nvm it's because I disabled the delete button. The delete button should not be able to be disabled on the stream list, even if the user disables it. There is no other way to remove streams so the option must always be there. I went off-topic there. Oh well. I don't care enough to make a bug report.
  15. By the way, I'm pretty sure Simple Scrobbler, which is supported by PA, supports handling of the MBID tags so it's just a matter of exposing them when scrobbling. I don't know how to do it though and I can't code, so I don't really know if it'd be hard for Max to do so.
  16. Well I mean I'd really like to have the choice. Just like tagging music, just having the option to change how it's organized would be nice. …I mean, not that I'm a good use case because I don't really use that function. Still, the most customizable music player out there should have the option to rename online streams and maybe even select the artwork for it. I guess you also could either notify the user that the info has changed, or give the option to fetch it manually just whenever (maybe showing a preview first. that could potentially save a lot of work to users that have lots of streams!)
  17. That's asking a bit too much. You do know we can't tag streams, do you? Same goes for the artwork, we can't modify that, that's why we need to modify them in PA.
  18. I have a few artists who have changed their stage name and my albumartist view is littered with duplicate artists. I also have a few artists who have slightly different spellings of their name and they're displayed more than once as well. Finally, I have artists who in addition to that last problem, have the same name but are completely different artists. If I do anything to the tags, scrobbling breaks, so I can't just fix the tags. I'd rather like PA to handle disambiguation tags like the MusicBrainz ID and the artist sort / album artist sort tags. I realize I'm putting too much emphasis on the MusicBrainz tags but they are there for a reason and besides being easy to code in, they would make my life easier as well. There isn't to my knowledge another Android music player which handles MB tags (well, besides Kodi) or artist sort tags so this would be a first. I don't know if I'm asking too much from Max, if he wants he can let me know, I don't mind.
  19. We could even go the Youtube route and tap on the time counter to switch between elapsed time and time remaining.
  20. I just want to be able to use the cover.jpg like in v2. It's cool that users want to be able to apply album artwork to all tracks when selected via the UI, but the option to use cover.jpg when available doesn't affect that behaviour at all, so I don't understand why the option was removed. I don't want to apply track per track artwork using Poweramp, rather, I want Poweramp to display already embedded artwork when displaying a single track and album-wide artwork provided via cover.jpg when displaying the album as a single entry. Again, this has nothing to do with applying album artwork via Poweramp and doesn't affect the rest of the userbase.
  21. I'd really use this feature, it would really make my music library tidier… If you did this via the album artist sort tag or even by the MusicBrainz ID (wink wink) to avoid confusion internally AND by the user this would be a no-brainer…
  22. Actually I think this is a very reasonable feature, just like per track history… It's useful to keep track of the last albums you've listened to, even if the entry is triggered by a single track.
  23. Thanks for your reply. I was asking for the ability to have both though, as previously possible in v2. Show per track album when displaying tracklist and when in player view, show cover.jpg when in album list. EDIT: unless you mean I have to apply album art individually if I want to have both. Do I really need to do that for each album? God no please
  24. What's the use case for this? I feel like this feature isn't important but I really don't know, so tell us. Ideally your speakers should output each channel where they should be though. I don't know if it's worth it to complicate the app more for such a problem.
  25. It doesn't load instantly for me. It takes a few seconds, unless it was already loaded in memory. There's a reason splash screens exist: To notify the user that the app launched. I have no trouble waiting for a few seconds but it is confusing when I discover the app didn't actually launch when I touched the screen. I don't think that's how it works. It's just an image. How long could it take to load an image into the screen? I guess Max would know though. Most features should be, so I agree.
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