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  1. It's the header gain. I disabled it like you said you did and now everything works. I encoded from foobar2000.

    Now I need to find a way to make it work from Linux though, from the terminal. I get to encode my music into 80GBs of Opus music, again. And I'm gonna have to resize the embedded artwork, again, because otherwise Poweramp gets angry and crashes while scanning.

    EDIT: Wait, fb2k can just remove header gain and then scan the files again. Nice.

  2. 1 minute ago, chardish said:

    Of those two Opus samples, Tone low is far quieter than Tone high. I'm not sure if that's correct or not 😄.

    No, it's not correct, but @maxmp just said he couldn't reproduce with these test files (which leads me to believe he didn't compare the two Opus files somehow). Do you think maybe it's the header gain's fault?


    Also +1, I want Opus album gain support.

  3. Well, I can, and it doesn't work so I really don't know what to do here other than bother you.
    Tone low sounds extremely low on Poweramp and not at the same volume of the other tracks. It sounds alright on foobar2000 and GoneMAD. The problem is Poweramp.

    ReplayGain is on and set to track. Tone high Opus sounds loud and Tone low Opus sounds low. Something is wrong here.

    Any help?

    EDIT: I know Tone high sounds the same volume. The problem is Tone low.

    EDIT 2: I got the test files on another phone. I can reproduce.

    Set Replaygain to on, no clipping protection, source track.

    Expected: All test files should sound equally loud
    Behaviour: Tone low Opus sounds extremely low.

    Phone 1: Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015). Modified with unofficial Bliss ROM.
    Phone 2: Nokia 1, Android 9. Stock ROM (unmodified).

    Both phones with latest Poweramp.

  4. 32 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    as you're using album gain and Poweramp doesn't support album gain for opus, you get different results

    I'm using track gain. I don't need album gain as much as I can just adjust the volume at the start of the album, but when I'm listening on shuffle the faulty track gain doesn't help me and tracks usually play too loud or too low, even with ReplayGain on.

  5. ReplayGain is on, no clipping protection, source is track, but hear me out.

    The behaviour I expect is for Opus files to sound equally loud to each other when ReplayGain is on and set to track. Poweramp doesn't achieve this. The Opus files have different loudness on playback.

    With Ogg and FLAC it works alright. The problem is Opus, which uses R128Gain; Poweramp applies gain, but it's not enough! And with a noise track or a simple tone this is very obvious.

  6. 1 minute ago, maxmp said:

    @null With these 2 files provided (Replay Gain enabled in Poweramp Replay Gain settings) the difference in volume is the same as in Foobar2000. Did you mean some other test tracks?

    I provided four files but the forum thinks the OGGs are video. Making new samples right now and will upload them as a Zip. 2 FLAC, 2 Ogg and 2 Opus, a single 440hz sine wave, directly exported from Audacity, two different volumes.

  7. I didn't upload any FLACs though.

    Anyways, does VLC even support R128Gain? I trust foobar2000 more than VLC.

    FWIW, GoneMAD plays both pairs at very different loudness with RG off. But when it's on, all files sound the same.

    EDIT: I can't get replaygain to work on VLC. Not even with my FLACs. All my music has replaygain. Maybe I'm missing a package...

  8. Noise high: 5dB
    Noise high vorbis: -16,6dB
    Noise low: 29,09dB
    Noise low vorbis: 7,48dB

    EDIT: I uploaded Ogg files but the forum software recognized it as video.
    EDIT 2: I downloaded GoneMAD and it applies the gain correctly. It's definitely a Poweramp issue.

  9. @maxmp I just know that ReplayGain and R128Gain on these sample files work fine on foobar2000. They all sound the same volume.

    It's Poweramp that has these issues. Both Noise high on Opus and Vorbis sound equally loud on foobar2000, same for both Noise low. And when gain is applied, all files sound equally loud.

    Poweramp plays all four files at different loudness whether ReplayGain is on or off. At the very least it should play both Noise low equally quiet and both Noise high equally loud.

    What other app can I use to calculate R128Gain tags?

    @andrewilley No, I specifically made sure none of my files had ReplayGain tags. See sample files.

  10. Just a question, does R128Gain work on Opus files? I try playing files on Poweramp with ReplayGain on and off and there is a difference - but it's not enough for them to be the same loudness.

    I add the R128 tags on foobar2000. Yes, foobar it says it's ReplayGain but for Opus files it does R128 instead. And I checked with Kid3, the tags are there. Poweramp shows them too, when you look at the track info.

    Any help?

  11. 5 minutes ago, Bo$$_8055 said:

    For me, I would like the Poweramp not to reshuffle when I return to my previous playback mode

    Yeah, but how do you tell PA to return to that shuffle? Because everytime the shuffle switch changes the shuffle is done again, since when you do the shuffle it makes a new list starting from the current track, which would almost always be a new shuffle. We'd need an explicit [return to shuffle] button. Not that I'd mind. I hate reshuffling.

    8 minutes ago, Bo$$_8055 said:

    Playlists should only be reshuffled when the last track is played but should not reshuffle when returning to a playlist.

    Yes, I agree! Making a new shuffle makes it so that tracks already played recently are potentially played again too soon.

  12. On 6/3/2020 at 7:59 PM, Bo$$_8055 said:

    but to re-sort the playlist everytime when I replay the playlist is a bit tedious

    I would only wonder if Poweramp could ever guess when you want to reshuffle the playlist, without guessing wrong for someone else.

    Do I understand right? I feel like I don't.


    On 6/3/2020 at 7:59 PM, Bo$$_8055 said:

    some songs would play multiple times and some songs would not play at all

    But this... I hate when a music player doesn't shuffle often enough. Ideally, I should never be able to guess what track comes next. My workaround when the shuffle repeats is disabling the shuffle, changing track, and enabling it again; this starts a new shuffle and the current track is the new first track to be played on the new shuffle.

    I'm having flashbacks to my horrible, old Phillips portable MP3 players. Those would pick like 40 tracks and always shuffle those same 40 tracks until you changed some files on the device. Ugh. This problem persisted and was a thing on absolutely all their MP3 players. Thankfully Poweramp doesn't do that.

  13. 2 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    There is also an option to make it an all-songs-by-that-artist shuffle, but I guess that would be even worse for you.

    If I'm honest, I prefer that to shuffling each individual album... But I shuffle all tracks anyway so I don't care.

    I just want to shuffle the albums with the tracklist still in order. Not to offend Max but, anyone who cares about the artist's intentions would say shuffling the tracklist of an individual album is sacrilege. So I would think that'd be the expected behaviour, so I've always been puzzled about the existence of such a button.

    Am I the only one who thinks that way? It can't be. Oh well. It's not that big of a deal, I just have to change the shuffle switch once I start the shuffle and go track by track to the start of th- actually maybe I do care a little...

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