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  1. It's 💯 a Google issue at this point and is completely sporadic and most likely due to Play services updates or something of the sword on over the phone and or the Chromecast device in question although the audio only Chromecast built into Hi-Fi equipment I wouldn't imagine gets many upgrades not like a full-fledged Chromecast with Google TV and same with even the older style Chromecast that didn't have an interface only whatever the phone sent it so maybe it is a Play services problem or something of the like that Google updates somewhat frequently causing it to work then break then work then break repeat super infuriating and as the developer probably not much you can do about it except for maybe implement the lower quality interface fullback option the default sorta matically when Chromecast can't connect to that web interface proxy or whatever the case maybe I don't have full understanding of it either but I do understand a little. There was a time when if I reset everything to default in Poweramp that would sometimes make it work or uninstall and reinstall it changing nothing else or even a factory reset of my phone it would work for a period of time then suddenly stop for no reason leaving me to believe that perhaps some background update happen from Google breaking things. I'm no developer so I wouldn't begin to tell you how to do your job I love Poweramp it is an amazing piece of software but I do find it might go to even when casting at home over and above anything else even low VLC works everytime I don't like it the interface is crappy and not very easy to use also it's super laggy like it reload your entire library every time you open it it may be worth considering the other option mentioned by people if there is enough interest perhaps do a poll. I know I'd vote yes even though I do like high and lossless audio I can go without for the convenience. If I was that worried id probably be using a wired connection with high end dac in between it and my stereo system! 😉
  2. Have to agree it's gotta be a Google mess because like you have said no app updates and still intermittent problems for some, thankfully I'm really stable atm have been for a while but my backup is vlc just for that one purpose if this fails
  3. The only one thing I would say now that I have thought about it is if I pause Poweramp it completely disconnect from the Chromecast very quickly like it must timeout but that could be my phone doing battery saving things and killing off background processes also and could in fact be the Chromecast with Google TV because I have also sat that up to kill processes immediately in developer settings thanks to Plex hijacking 5.1 digital audio and switching my receiver into a Dolby mode and not releasing it even when you exit the app lol something I'll have to mention to them actually it's bloody annoying but irrelevant here sorry to mention it but kinda coincided with settings that could affect my chromecast dropping connection to Poweramp after about a minute or so being paused no that this is too troublesome now that it stays connection long as something is playing. I'm inclined to believe it's my own phone or chromecast settings killing the connection in that situation.
  4. Thanks must admit mine has been very stable since that my last post haven't had any issues at all. And yours came not long after (same date) so maybe that did the trick although I don't recall Poweramp being updated since either lol but may have been unless it didn't need to be as it was that other resource web business that caused it The web resources i assume you're referring to are to give the chromecast it's app UI and or audio parameters and connection and I'm guessing i it downloads them upon connection each time refreshing it basically by reseting my chromecast settings mid playback repeatedly sometimes fixed it so that makes a lot of sense why sometimes that would work if I persisted but it's been rock solid for basically the last month now and all other times it had broken by now lol so it's looking positive thanks for update and whatever technical stuff beyond my comprehension was fixed. 💪
  5. The fact so many of us are getting the exact same symptoms across a multitude of devices and chrome cast certified products to me seems to mean it can only be some play service bullshit or Poweramp itself. I was having luck resetting all casting settings in the app while casting and it used to bring it back when it broke for no apparent reason even mid stream. Mine is again currently working but nothing has changed or updated to my knowledge certainly not with my input anyway I know google screws with stuff in the background and updates stuff we can't even see at times which is the only real reason the app can suddenly break mid streaming then not work no matter what for a week or 5 except with a factory reset, which also lends credence to the fact that it is background upgrades from Google messing with it because your phone after a fresh install would not have said Google slide behind-the-scenes updates going on we know it's ginger it is of major concern that it only seems to affect this one app though I have resorted to using VLC which as a media player on PC is extremely capable but on Android it leaves a lot to be desired apart from the fact that it supports pretty much any video codec you can throw it that being said functions enough to Chromecast somewhat reliably when Poweramp doesn't work thankfully Poweramp still works in the car with Android auto wireless or wired and flawlessly through headphones lol. I love the app too much to ever give it up despite my frustration and VLC will always be my plan B when things break although basically none of the direct streaming apps Poweramp VLC or other music player type apps and most video Chromecast is that send local media not one of them is without issues and instability at different times even with a very solid network connection the only apps that don't really break or suddenly cut out are like others have said the ones that get all their data from the Internet directly to the Chromecast not from local media. The Chromecast Ultra was probably the most stable of them all in my opinion anyway this new 4K Android Google TV Chromecast thing is it cheap nasty piece-of-shit if I'm being honest it comes with 4 gig storage for goodness sake that's shared for all your apps the remote is Janky and half the time doesn't work and the Buttons are not tactile and fuel like it's just made in China my TCL cheapo TV remote leaves it for dead I wish I could pair it and use it with my Chromecast they are both Bluetooth and infrared The Voice remote anyway it would have just about all the write buttons to anyway I'm way off track but screw Google they don't even release decent firmware updates for their Chromecast just stupid Play service type updates that break crap 🤬
  6. Well that made no difference neither did another reset of the google home app or factory reset of the chromecast and everything else works casting Im lost @maxmp a factory reset was the only thing that worked for me for less than a week which makes me wonder if I installed something or changed a setting without realising or restored some settings from a samsung cloud back up that screws is although I'd have thought if it was from a backup it would have broken it as soon as I finished setting up so has to be system or developer settings I've changed since a fresh install or some other app playing God with things and interfering but I have no clue what might have to try do I logcat for you in the next few days don't think I need root just adb yeah? What other info could help I can give you bud. Kind regards Jeff
  7. OK so from what I understood of that my router settings might have broken its ability to full connect/function will hard reset my router see what happens although a hard/factory reset of phone is all that worked for me so far and lasted less than a week lol a router reset is much less time consuming I'm gunner do it.
  8. I tried up dates downgrades of all related software nothing fixed it samsung s22+ latest firmware snapdragon model. I'm actually getting really annoyed now. Oh hang on new update for Poweramp play store for will try see what happens
  9. Yep we are having the same issues I am going to downgrade all my google play services and google home apps later or soon and fresh install of PA because my factory reset worked for just under a week or some thing now it's bung again lol on multiple devices so it's a phone and PA app or other system software issue I'm convinced but I'm on the nod now so will try jn a few hours and report back guys
  10. Mines broken again and I have no idea why, worked for a few days almost a week from factory reset then capped itself again so weird. I've reset all my settings no dice, I'm not doing another factory reset and shouldn't have to. Starting to get annoyed at this point.
  11. Factory reset fixed it lord knows what was wrong but it's working after hours restoring all my music lol. Thanks for help anyway guys.
  12. While I'm am it onkyo built-in chromecast is rubbish can't even pure audio mode lol what a lot of gimmicky garbage id rather a stand alone chromecast any day.
  13. OK no difference on my Onkyo either chromecast works for deezer etc but not Poweramp
  14. Turns out my Onkyo did have an update out too it's updating now will let you know if that one works once complete 😊
  15. Ok that is odd it won't let me uninstall it, package manager keeps crashing lol never had that before, I'll try uninstall with alliance sheild 🤔
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