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  1. Regarding question #1: Right now the play Queue looks like: Song title Song duration Artist Album Name It would be handy to be able to change the options on the play queue to show the song as follows where the album could be replaced with the Genre: Song title Song duration Artist Genre Per question #2: This just refers to a feature that is found in a player like WinAmp where the player writes out to the tag metadata a date property that keeps track of the last time a song was played in the play queue. So, bascially when you view the Info/Tags for a song you coul
  2. Awesome app!!! I'm a DJ that is attempting to utilze this app to replace/supplement my laptop while DJ-ing. Two items that would be nice to have are: 1) The ability to show the Genre for each song in the play Queue. Maybe an option that would allow you to substitute the album name in the play queue with the Genre tag instead. 2) Is there any way to keep track of the last played date of a song and the be able to view it with the songs listings when browsing the library? Thanks, Matt
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