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  1. It stands to reason that the stock player bundled with the phone would take full advantage of its hardware , which I never denied . I simply did not see the need to mention it as it should have been obvious. You do not need root to get 3rd party apps to use the dac directly. I should not have to do your research for you lol. USB Audio Player Pro (which I'm currently using alongside Poweramp) does take full advantage of the dac just like the stock player and is currently the only 3rd party app to support MQA. And yes, it doesn't require root. I'm not attacking you , just pointing out obvious misinformation which might misguide others. Also this is veering off topic so I'll stop now haha.
  2. because even if the DAC is turned on audio is still passed through the android API and not directly via the DAC and I'm 100% sure blackplayer does the same @andrewilley thanks . OpenSL ES doesn't fully take advantage of the DAC though ,although only uapp does at this point . I don't expect Poweramp to support MQA lol (still have my doubts about the format) but full 32bit output in the future might be a nice extra. I use Poweramp because it still is the best sounding player on the market . EDIT: Will try the new 705 alpha out today and compare . Very excited . Again , I'd be willing to pay for an upgrade as I'm sure many others would if it helps keep this app in development!
  3. I have V30 on Oreo and I can confirm it doesn't use the DAC anymore . Can we expect it to work on Oreo in the future..? Because I'm back to using USB Audio Player Pro but I reaaly reaaaly want this app to be my daily driver Also ,The play store v2 unlocker I have still works with the app but will it stop working when you release a fully functional v3? ( I don't mind buying again btw )
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