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  1. I changed the icon and now I have two Poweramps! 🕺 Thanks for the hard work, please check out this problem. Xperia Z5, android 7.1.1
  2. Is it possible to put blurry background of album art for bar spectrum visualizations?! That would be a beautiful option.
  3. Reinstalled the app and the problem with queue is solved for now But the problem with notification is still there. Every time I pause from the app it closes the notification and lock screen controls, so I have to open the app again. And it's painful sometimes, i.e. washing the dishes!
  4. Thanks @maxmp for the hard work, it looks great! And thanks for 5 star rating, it's more practical for me. ?? I had two problems: 1. Every time I use Queue for the second time after opening app, it shows wrong song numbers and it crashes and I have to wait for a crash report or force stop the app to be able to use it again. (I sent a couple of them via email today) 2. Every time I pause from the app, it closes the notification both in notification bar and lock screen. I think it's more practical if the notification closes when the user closes the app by recent apps list.
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