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  1. Do you mean that Poweramp can read sound check tags from iTunes and translate them to replay gain? The feature list says nothing about sound check support.
  2. Can we get some clarification? Seriously, if this app needs to "phone home" on a regular basis it's deal breaker for me. Not even Apple does that.
  3. I searched and found this thread: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1316-soundcheck-option-available/page__p__5259__hl__normalization__fromsearch__1#entry5259 However, it's over a year old and if I understand correctly Poweramp now supports Replay Gain for normalization. Is there a chance that Apple's Sound Check will be supported? Winamp does this by converting Sound Check tags to Replay Gain when syncing. I prefer iTunes over Winamp and Foobar2k, but that's another discussion. /iPhone user, looking over the fence for alternatives
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