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  1. http://m.imgur.com/3Bx5rFP,8nDIqha,qzXjW0z my device details are in the above images as screenshots. it is a samsung fascinate. if you'd prefer me to run android 5.1 i can. android 6.0.1 will be installed in a couple days after i work out some kinks. The kernel for the cm11 rom in the above images uses this kernel: https://github.com/didhiy/android_kernel_samsung_aries?files=1 i have access to a full build environment and can implement any changes needed to support higher bit depths and sample rates. it currently has build 702 pushing 44.1khz at 16 bits. It clearly has(as shown by the images), a wm8994 dac, with voodoo sound drivers. Therefore, i think it should have support for high res output. The datasheet for this dac shows that it supports it. Thanks
  2. I want song editting and things such as tempo rate increase
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