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  1. Poweramp V3 Build 838. Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Stock Android 8.0 What happens is that if I have the wired output set to Hi-res, whenever I receive a notification, it "ducks" for a second but then stops playing audio, even though playing time continues to run, as if it was playing the music. I have to disconnect the the headphones and then connect again to have sound. And even sometimes it changes from Hi-Res to Open SL on it's own. I've tried all the workarounds there are on the app, disabling duck, enabling forcing sound output after a notification, etc... But everytime I get a notification, Hi-Res stops working. With bluetooth phones there's no issue. Does anyone have the same problem? How did you fix it?
  2. MataRatos

    Show Artist instead of Album Artist in main screen

    Thank's a lot, that solved it.
  3. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature request. Or if I can't setup this correctly… What I wanted is that in the main playing screen, when playing a Various Artists album (compilation, for example), instead of showing in the main screen Various Artists - "name of the song", it would show Artist - Name of Song. Like in the widget, it shows Artist - Name of song. I Would like that to do the same in the main screen. Is this possible?
  4. MataRatos

    Shuffle Artist / Album Artist not working

    It's working now. Maybe some of the lastest updates solved it.
  5. MataRatos

    Shuffle Artist / Album Artist not working

    So no one else has this issue?
  6. MataRatos


    I believe this toppic is someway similar to my post: I can't shuffle Artist, or Album Artist. It starts with some random music from that artista, but then only plays songs from the same album, it won't shuffle with other songs, from other albums but from same artist. For example, I have several Radiohead albums. I select Album Artist (Radiohead). And before you ask, I have all music files tagged correctly with Artist and Album Artist with Radiohead). Then, after clicking Radiohead, all their álbuns appear under. I then press the Shuffle button (botton left button in Artist picture), it selects a random song (like Paranoid Android), but then it only plays songs from OK Computer, it won't shuffle to other albums from Radiohead. That has to be a bug...
  7. MataRatos

    Shuffle Artist / Album Artist not working

    I've made already a search about shuffle issues, but couldn't find any similar to mine, so I made this post. I hope there will be a fix for this. PA so far is really impressive. It's a bit difficult to find the best audio settings, but after some search I think I managed it.
  8. I have latest Poweramp (V3) and a Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL with android 8.0.0. Poweramp works fine, even Hi-Res output. I was using V2, then stopped and started using Google Play Music with local music files. Don't ask why, I can't remember why I stopped using PA… Then tried Neutron Player, but found it very confusing... Then started using PA again once and a while besides Play Music, but I couldn't find that it had much better sound quality than Google Play Music (I believe GPM had some update and started using Open SL, that's why the sound quality increased), and now that I found how to setup PA sound correctly, returned to PA. But GPM had a feature I really liked: Artist Shuffle. I could select one artist, and all songs from that artist shuffled. PA is not doing that… And I believe it's a bug, because if I shuffle All Songs, it will really shuffle between all songs I have, even if I skip tracks. If I press the Shuffle button (lower left corner) in a Album Artist, it will start with a random song, but then ONLY play songs inside that album, it won't continue shuffling songs from the same Artist, only from the same Album. Has anyone also noticed it?
  9. But can you search the library under Artist? I can browser through Album, for example. But can't through Artist...
  10. Just to contribute with my experience só far (ASUS ZenFone 3 ZE520kl android 8.0) If i press the widget, it wont take me to PA Library search through Artist doesnt work, it does not respond HD seems to BE working. When it ends the final song of an album, PA force closes. I have full paid version. So far, thats what I've noticed.