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  1. infinitybeyond

    Poweramp Build 811

    Max, Thanks for moving at your own pace and not let the haters distract you. It's a great product.
  2. infinitybeyond

    Is it possible to have simple list for songs?

    I would love to see a list implemented similar to the one used in the n7player.
  3. infinitybeyond

    Rainbow Skin for Poweramp 3.0+! (Build 795+)

    Hi, I love the default color of your app. But it keeps causing poweramp795 to crash. The only way I can get out of it is to go thru your app>skin options>return back to default skin of poweramp795. I'm using Sprint non root Samsung Galaxy Note 8 os 8.0. I do have substratum running on system ui. I don't know if that has anything to do with the crashes.
  4. infinitybeyond

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Thank you Max. Works great on non-root Samsung Note8 os 8.0; the only thing I've noticed is that the play buttons and titles are not formatted for split screen vertically or horizontally. But thanks again for all your hard work. I really enjoy the new ui.
  5. That's not correct either. Please reread @maxmp follow up post about the different skins and functionality.
  6. Patience you must have my young padawan; The answer you seek resides in what @maxmp said about "Black Pro". Repeat what he said and you'll find your answer.
  7. Hi, I really love the new design, so I hope it doesn't change. I use the visualizer with song title, album, and artist shown. I am hoping for the option to hide status bar while the visualizer is on. I have a Samsung Note 8 non-root with oreo 8.0 os. This phone had a problem with screen burn-in after a couple of months using a different music player under normal use (e.g. 30min drive to work). Also, I noticed people asking for a next/previous button. I prefer the way Max has implemented the gesture swipe of cover art for this feature over adding buttons. Finally, I noticed the subject of split screen hasn't been mentioned. As stated, I often use Poweramp while drive to work; I would like to see some way to play/pause the music while in split screen by maybe touching the cover art.