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  1. No ideas on this? Sorry for being super annoying, I do not intend that, I just try to understand what is happening as the function is very important for me...
  2. Working very well on LineageOS 16. Only the problem with the volume keys also starting the playback while screen is locked and Poweramp is NOT playing persists. Though I still do not know wether it is a problem with Poweramp or LOS, maybe Max can tell me? It does not happen with other players like stock LOS player or Pulsar, though.
  3. Sorry for spamming in this, probably already closed, thread. Just to understand it right, so that I probably can tell my ROM developer - where does this error EXACTLY occur, is it ROM-related (LOS 15/16) or is it app-related (Poweramp v3)? Thank you in advance!
  4. Anybody having problems with the volume keys for skipping a track? Even if Poweramp is NOT playing, a long press on the volume key (while phone is locked) does start Poweramp and playback. So often while I sit in university and the music accidently starts playing. It does not happen with standard LineageOS music player. So I THINK it might be a Poweramp issue...
  5. Update on this matter: On new beta version from PlayStore (95 i guess) the volume keys won't skip titles at all, no matter having activated the option in settings or not. I'm on LOS 16 currently, pre-95 it did work on my current system, though. :)
  6. The problem still persists in the newest beta version from PlayStore. Is there a known workaround for it or do we have to wait until it gets fixed inside the app? As i did not completely understand the issue explained above, that might be a stupid question. I just wanted to ask, so do not bother too much about it, I guess you have lots of other, more important stuff to do atm.
  7. Yeah, it at least has to be related somewhat to Poweramp, as in the standard LOS music player and in Pulsar the music does not start after a long pressed volume key while no music is playing. Apart from that the beta preview is the most awesome player I have ever seen - great work!!!
  8. Just upgraded to v790, same "problem" existing there.
  9. First of all, hi to this great community! Insane that a music player app gets so much support and attention. I experience a very weird problem: On my phone, Poweramp v709 is installed, alongside the 'standard' LineageOS music player. While playing music with either of these players, I can skip or repeat titles via the volume control keys of my phone. The problem now is that, ONLY in Poweramp (so i assume its an app-related issue) the music STARTS playing if I do not listen to any music and I by mistake do a long-press on the 'Volume up' key. So, for example, I sit in university, silence across the room, and all of the sudden, Poweramp starts playing music because the volume key got pressed through my trowsers. Is this intended or might there be a fix for this anytime in the future? It also happened to me once in cinema, which was especially emberassing. Thank you all in advance!
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